Mr.M's Explorations:

To Live is to Experience

My name is Mr. M,
Welcome to my official site.
In my life I have consistently sought new experiences and self-betterment. My desire is to chronicle my continuing journey to seek that which is unexplored and improve the quality of myself, and the people and world around me. This site will be about many things, and I will do my best to never shrink from a challenge or a subject simply because it is difficult. There are a few base understandings you should have about me before going forward.
I am a sensual explorer and generally self-define as a BDSM Dominant. I have devoted a large part of my life to the understanding and exploration of  sexual practices and joys from the world over and throughout history.  I have been a bondage practitioner for over 15 years and enjoy that form of expression. I was the founder of SYC (The Society of the Young and Competent) a discussion group and mailing list for kinksters under the age of 35 in Western Massachusetts until I moved on to other projects, and RFC (Riggers for Charity) a group of community minded kinksters.
I am considered a person with high-functioning Aspergers. Generally I do not like to mention this as it tends to color people's thoughts and reactions. Despite my camouflage of this different way of thinking, it is intimately a part of me. It informs a great many of my own thoughts, feelings, and reactions.
By trade I am an educator. By spirit I am a lover. By heart I am a warrior. By compulsion I am a poet. By ego I am a performer.
 This site is to document my experiences and to aid other people in theirs.
Play sagely and safely everyone.

Dance with fire and it will dance with you.