Like many mythological beings I have been given a great many names and I thought I would make a quick sub page to keep track of them:

 - Mr.M: The name I am most known by in kink communities.

 - The Professor: Sometimes called "The Professor, Mr.M" I was this title due to my enjoyment of teaching and after running demonstrations for several years.

 - Viking: When I was in school this is the nickname that the Pagan community gave to me mostly due to my Scandinavian appearance. To this day many people from that world still affectionately refer to me using this name.

 - Mountain Wolf: My native name.

 - Cougar: I was nick named this during my time working security for outdoor ceremonies and Renaissance Faires.

 - Heathen: Another affectionate nickname from the my home Pagan community.

 - Rigger: A personal adjective as much as a name, this refers to those of us who express a proficiency and enjoyment of rope based arts.
 - Priest: I am this as well, but never in anyone's face.

 - Warrior: I am working on my 17th martial discipline. I take this name as a personal goal as much as an identity. Not only have I fought, but I promise to myself that I will continue to do so. Physically, mentally, spiritually; I will fight for myself and those I care for.

 - Fire Spirit

 - Earth Brother

 - Sir William

 - Knight Errant

 - Maestro