The Myth of The Professor: Mr.M

Not so far away, in a land separated from our own only by the breadth of one man's imagination, Mr.M has walked the Earth for over 1,000 years. This is his story:

Chapter 1, part 1: A Father's Journey

    The circumstances of my birth, though no stranger than some events of my life, are such that are worthy of a story. One might wonder at the sense of my father, those he followed, and those who followed with him, when they embarked to cross that watery expanse. Courage would certainly be a word needing mention, as perhaps would be foolhardy, daring, dreamer, and explorer. It is a true fact that all of civilization is marked by exploration.  We came out of the cave, we crossed the river, we climbed the peak; we did all this and more in the name of curiosity, and the need to stretch our minds and souls as much as our bodies. It was for this reason that my father was among those who mounted that expedition into the unknown.  My father was a Lawspeaker of his people, and it was thought his knowledge might be of benefit as the adventurers faced the unknown.  So they hung their shields from the ship sides, stowed the dragon’s head, lade in great amounts of provisions, and set off into the salty morning.

    The journey was long and arduous.  Days became weeks, and weeks dissolved into the endless waves.  My father told me of the storms, of Thor’s great rage, as the gods tested the will of men daring the unthinkable. I cannot speak to the feeling of these titans when first they set eyes on the shores where I would be born. I can only say that my father’s eyes would often become glassy when he spoke of it. This strange land of mystery and adventure which may well be home to Gods, Frost-Giants, or anything in between. Furs were pushed off arms tired from rowing as axe, and sword, and shield were taken up. These were tested warriors who had braved the crossing, and they knew they were far from safe yet.