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Cock Size vs. Body Image

posted Feb 25, 2012, 11:18 PM by Mr. M   [ updated Feb 25, 2012, 11:18 PM ]
Cock Size vs. Body Image
by Mr.M

This is a straight-cis on straight-cis essay. Though I have a feeling that some of the points may well apply beyond those boundaries.



There are some thoughts that seem to be implanted in our minds by society. Unrealistic physical ideals that we have made into generalized standards to hold ourselves against. A couple months ago I realized that the most frequent of these for each gender (yes, I am generalizing based on personal experience) could perhaps be used to achieve mutual comprehension.


She is so beautiful to me. I love the curve of her hip as it meets her torso. I love the feel of her stomach against my palm as she spoons against me. I love tracing her thighs, her breasts, her neck with my fingertips and tongue. In the warmth of candlelight or the harsh light of the kitchen she is a goddess of desire by which I never to cease to be aroused. I tell her so; in heated talk as our bodies join, and with a shy smile holding her hand in the market. And she responds:  “yes, I just need to lose a couple pounds though to be happy.”


He feels so good inside me. I love looking up at him as he is about to enter me. His lust straining from his body calls to me. He places the velvet head against my lips and slowly presses forward. I feel myself stretch to accommodate him. He presses forward, my hips rise of their own volition to meet him, wanting more. He holds himself steady, delight and passion dancing in his eyes, then the final thrust. It is so good it almost hurts. He fits me beautifully. Over and over he brings me to wave after wave of climax until finally we collapse together, our bodies molding together as if they were created for this one purpose. I look at him drowsy eyes, my body languorous in recovery from my pleasure. I tell him how spectacular he is. And he responds: “yes, but I wish I had another couple inches so I could REALLY satisfy you.”  


If you are lucky enough that this does not apply to you, congratulations. Well done. You are a minority. For many of us we are consistently lost in frustration created by the fact that we cannot convince our lovers of their quality. So here is my SAT style revelation: trying to convince a woman she doesn’t need to lose weight is as trying to convince a man he has no need for a larger penis. And yes, trying to convince a man he does not need a larger penis is as trying to a woman she does not need to lose any weight.


The fascinating thing is that I believe that both of these erroneous beliefs stem from the same source: Mass Media. We have certain cultural obsessions that define our sense of ourselves, and that often undermine our confidence. We are obsessed with superficial attraction and sexual performance. From a young age we are consistently exposed to the ideas that lacking in these areas makes us lacking as human beings. I am friends with a very well known health professor. During a discussion about ten years ago he told me a fascinating fact that has always stood out to me. As hard as we may try to achieve it, the Hollywood, magazine cover style looks are only in reach for 1% of the world’s population. In other words, for 99% of us, it’s a futile endeavor to attempt. And yet this is the standard to which we hold ourselves when it comes to physical beauty. This is, unfortunately, even more so in the case of women than men. On any magazine rack there is a 20 to 1 ratio of womens’ vs mens’ magazines preaching how to change your appearance. But don’t feel alone the mens’ magazines are just as bad, but with a different focus.


Instead of appearance (though they do go there too) mens’ magazines prefer to harp on sexual performance. We are inundated with consistent advice on how to be better in bed and informed that should we perform poorly then the women we love will be well within their rights to leave us for a better bedroom provider. And what else is in every magazine? Ads for ways to grow your penis, because without a yardstick in your pants, you don’t have a chance. But magazines are not the worst offenders for men. Due to the shame associated with discussing sexuality openly, particularly between men, males learn sex from porn. And if there is one thing that porn teaches us, it is that women love giant cocks and always cum harder when one is present. Go ahead, name the widely watched porn that features a 5.5 inch dick on a man with excellent sexual skill, I’ll wait. As our primary educational resource when it comes to sexuality, men are educated to understand that bigger is better to the point where it is nearly impossible to overcome. 


So there you have it. The inverse, media created, direct line of understanding between men and women’s consistent self-consciousness. We’ve been trying to change the message from the media for decades and it’s worthwhile goal, but not one I see us accomplishing soon. So, for the short term, communicate with your lover. Understand that they fear losing you because of something likely, genetically, beyond their control. Assure them of their beauty, of their prowess, of their desirability. Because as much as you think they must know, everyone needs to hear it said sometimes.