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Critical Thinking, Big Guys, and Cock Shots

posted Feb 25, 2012, 11:17 PM by Mr. M   [ updated Feb 25, 2012, 11:17 PM ]

Critical Thinking, Big Guys, and Cock Shots

by Mr.M

I was thinking about cock-shots recently. Not a usual place for my mind to dwell, but I was going down my newsfeed looking at what my friends’ had commented on and something was bothering me. Then I finally figured it out.

I would like to start by categorically saying I am not a fan of cock-shots in general. They are usually poorly taken and the vast majority of girls I know would really prefer they were never shown unless requested, but this piece is on a completely separate issue.

Cock-pictures are definitively disadvantageous to big men. Picture if you will a standard piece of paper, 8.5” by 11. ” Now mentally draw a 7” long symbol of your choosing on it, perhaps a tube, or a picture of Nathan Fillion. Now grab a mental camera, line it up so the paper fills the frame and take a picture. Well done. Ok, reset. Picture in your mind now a piece of poster-paper, say 24” by 36.” Get out your 7” symbol again (nice Captain Hammer pose) place it on the poster-paper and once again frame the picture so it takes in the entire piece of paper. Now compare the pictures. Same size symbol (hair whipping in the breeze) yet it one picture that symbol looks HUGE and in the other, well, kinda dinky. This is my problem with cock-pictures. Something that looks incredibly impressive on a 5’ 6” guy definitively in need of a sandwich to eat, will look average on your standard Kevin Smith-ite.

So why do I care enough to write this? More than anything it’s an exercise in critical thinking. Whenever you look at a picture the first thing anyone should remember is that pictures LIE. Through perspective, forced perspective, framing, lighting, props, and several thousand other tricks a photographer will make you see what he wants you to see. The art of photography largely lies in lying to your eyes more than Doctor Who ever could. This is true of pictures of men, women, giraffes, politicians, porn, arugula, measles and anything else ever subjected to the harsh treatment of a lens. So think before you react, because reality is far different than anything seen on a screen or in a frame.